To make the student aware of the current situation locally and globally and mobilize them, according to the current trend in everything towards Islam..


To produce Islamized and Socialized Undergraduates well suited for future from this University who will Look After the enhancement of their life as well as others...


Muslim Majlis of University of Peradeniya is a well recognized internal University organization which is serving for Muslim community based on education and welfare development.


The University of Peradeniya was initiated in the year 1942. Initially, the university consisted of only 904 students out of which 25 of them were Muslim students. And so in the year 1944, the 28th of July the Muslim students of the university of Peradeniya, got together as one and established their own committee as "Muslim Majlis". There are many reasons behind this formation. They say Everything happens for a reason and yes, there are certain reasons as to why this society/ club was established:

- The situation that prevailed in the country at that time and the general perception of the majority community towards the Muslim community.

- The thought of bringing up a coordination body among the Muslim students.

The first meeting was coordinated by Mr. Shafi Marikkar- an educationalist, who later became the Principal of Colombo Zahira National College. The second meeting was convened in 1944 where the first constitution of the Majlis was drafted ,with the main contribution from Professor Sayed Aktar Imam who is a Pakistani- He has completed his PhD in Germany and worked as a professor in the Arabic Navia stream. He was also the chairperson of the Islamic Department of the University. Moreover, the Vice chancellor who was in charge at that time was, Sir Ivor Jennings, had contributed a lot for the Muslim Majlis works.

During this period, Prof. S.A. Imam was appointed as the 1st senior treasurer and He also facilitated scholarships to the university students from outside, such as Mohamed Markan Markar Muslim scholarship. Also he helped to establish an archive in the library of the university specifically to keep the Islamic books. During the period, 1946-47, Mr. S. M. Kamaldeen, then Vice President of Library Commission, published a book titled Islamic Zeylanica and the second part of the same book was published in the year of 1952. During 1954-55, the Majlis took part in their very first tour, titled ‘Goodwill Tour’ to Pakistan and India.

In 1953, the first meeting was held with the purpose of constructing a Masjid in the premises of the student majlis under the leadership of Mr. H. S. Ismail, who became the deputy speaker of the Parliament of Sri Lanka. Later In the same year, a meeting was convened in Colombo Zahira to further discuss on the construction of Masjid in the university. In this meeting, Establishment of the Masjid and a Muslim cultural circle within the university were discussed. Sir Ivor Jennings showed a place for the construction of Masjid within the university. However, initially many did not like the location, eventually after 2 years all agreed on the location. Sir Mohamed Macan Markar initially donated worth 50,000 rupees for the construction of the masjid. In 1957, the second goodwill tour to India and Pakistan for 40 days took place.

In 1958, the first going down function was held by the Majlis. In this event, the Secretary of the University made a speech and stated that, this going down function will become a culture of the university later and now it has become true. The foundation stone for the Masjid was laid in 1963 and the public was sought for fundraising purpose. Firstly, the Muslim teachers in Kandy allocated their half month salary for this purpose, which was very generous of them. As a fundraising strategy, the first campaign titled ‘Buy a Brick’ was held under the leadership of Mr. Hilmy Manzil. At the time, a price of a single brick cost 1 rupee. The fundraising team sold tickets with 1 rupee denomination across the country. Although the masjid was not constructed fully, the first Jum’a sermon was also held in 1968. The masjid construction was completed in the year 1971. In the same year, a function was held in Iran to mark the 2500 year rule of the Shah dynasty and the world leaders were invited for a gathering. From Sri Lanka, the representation was made by Professor S.A.Imam.

In 1966, United Social Youth Front was established. Mr. Badurdeen Mohamed held an assembly in Kalmunai. He pointed out that the construction of Masjid within is not going well and called for the enhancement of its operation with immediate effect. The Masjid was declared open in 1979. Although the estimate for the construction of Masjid was around 250,000 rupees, the final amount calculated to have spent on the construction has been more than 500,000 rupees. During 1999-2000, the masjid was rehabilitated/ reconstructed.

Currently we are a students society within the University Community that serving the development of Education among the society. Also we are working hard to create and provide opportunities for the undergraduates to showcase their talents, excel in sports and develop their leadership and personality attributes. Our journey continues..