Events of the Year 2020

2020 brought many challenges in front of us but it couldn't stop us from achieving our objectives for the year. As a team we thrived towards success. An unexpected long break due to the Global Pandemic somewhat hindered our annual plans. So, we moved to conduct our events through the online platforms. Online platforms were a huge opportunity for us to explore the new possibilities. We stood as an example and continued our operations with modern solutions. Below are the results of our continuous efforts.

Towards Success - G.C.E A/L Stream Selection and Guidance Program

With more than 700 participants all around the country, our annual Guidance Program for the students who sat for the G.C.E O/L Examination, was held successfully on 28th of December 2019 at E.O.E Pereira Theatre of UOP. It kick started our journey for the year 2020.

Towards Success - University Course Guidance Program

Our annual Guidance Program for the students who successfully get through the G.C.E A/L Examination, was held successfully on 11th of January 2020 at E.O.E Pereira Theatre of UOP. The event was a huge success with 800+ participants from all over the country. A proper guidance for the University Course Selection was given by our own members. It was a successful effort.

National Day Event - A Visit to 'Daya Nivasa'

February 4th is the National Day of our country. We make it more special by engaging in community services. As a part of it, this year we spent our day at 'Daya Nivasa' (Founded by Mother Theresa). It is a place for differently able children. We celebrated our National Day with those beautiful souls and donated essential goods to the home. It was wonderful to be in their beautiful world. If you get a chance, please feel free to pay a visit.

Career Guidance Program Series

We are more focused on uplifting the education of the school students. We extend our helping hand to conduct Stream Selection, Career Guidance and University Course Selection Programs for the students around the country. During this year we visited more than 5 schools all over the country and conducted educational programs for the students. It has been a feature of our annual calendar events. We take immense pleasure in supporting the development of those students.

Pera Majlis E-Tutor

During the month of March, the country went into a total Lockdown. All the students were forced to have a long break. We took this as an opportunity. We started our own YouTube Channel to educate the students via video materials. Unit wise proper teaching was done for many subjects as possible by our very own members. The channel attracted a lot of students and soon became a source of knowledge for them.

Ramadan Package : Under the Shade of Al-Quran

A new addition to our events calendar this year. During the holy month of Ramadhan, we launched three events under the name of Ramadan Package 2020. It consisted of Quran Quiz Competition, Ramadan Special WhatsApp Course and Quran Hifl Competition. It was conducted with the objective encouraging the new generations to engage more with the holy Qur'an. The overall package was a huge success and it was a result of our team's splendid efforts.

Lens Of Light - All Island Photography Competition

An online Photography Competition was conducted for the first ever in our Majlis' history. Students from all the state Universities were given the opportunity to showcase their talents. Winners were selected in two categories; Smartphone Category and DSLR Category. We witnessed a lot of amazing captures from the competitors. Click to see the winners!

Pre-Marriage Counselling Workshop

In collaboration with Safa Counseling Center and its prestigious counselors, a premarital counseling workshop was conducted via Zoom. Nearly 150 female undergraduates participated in the seven-days workshop. A lot of positive feed backs were received and the effort was applauded by everyone.

WhizTalk Series

A novel effort from us to provide the students community with further knowledge on developing their Careers. We collaborated with Professionals to share their knowledge with the students via the Zoom App. It consisted of several talk series programs such as Research Methodology Workshop, Interview Facing & CV Writing Workshop and a Webinar on Quranic Science.

Masjid Shramadana Campaign

The University Masjid is an iconic place in the beautiful surroundings of University of Peradeniya. It is a special place for the muslim students. Shramadana Works are carried out more frequently by the Mosque Administration and the Students in order to keep the masjid clean. This year also the Shramadana was organized by MMUOP and undergraduates from all the faculties participated in the campaign.

Fiqh Of Janaza Workshop

Another online workshop was conducted via Zoom for the female undergraduates on the basic rulings regarding the washing, shrouding, prayer and burial of the deceased in Islam. Many undergraduates eagerly participated and got the knowledge. The positive feed backs meant the workshop was a success!

Kanzul-Ilm Inter Faculty Quiz Competition

9 Teams; one winner. The effort to share the knowledge and remembrance of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Milad-Un-Nabi day was decorated by this event. A Quiz Competition was conducted between faculties of UOP. Following a hard fought competition Team Al-Hira was Crowned as Champions.

Freshers' Orientation '20

One of the most exciting events of this year. The annual Freshers' Welcome Program was brought as a Live event on Zoom this year. Many talented Freshers showcased their talents. The event was filled with joy and happiness while Freshers from all the faculties took part in the session.