Ramadhan Package 2020

Under The Shade of Al-Quran

The Muslim Majlis of University of Peradeniya introduced a package for a period of one month embodying the theme - "Under the Shade of Al-Quran"- in which more than 2000 members participated. It consisted not only the undergraduates of the UOP but also graduates, academic and non-academic staffs of all state universities. The events of the package were conducted through WhatsApp Broadcast, WhatsApp Groups, and in person. The major objective of this program was to spend the holy month of Ramadan spiritually and fruitfully and to promote and increase the relationship with the Holy Quran during the holy month of Ramadhan.

Quran Quiz Competition (QQC):

This competition was held for all island undergraduates and it consisted of 1517 participants including both girls and boys. The quizzes were based chapters (Juz'u) of Al-Quran. The competition was conducted through WhatsApp broadcast. 30 quizzes from the Quran were selected and a quite was sent to the competitors each day through the WhatsApp broadcast. From the ones who answered the 30 questions accurately, 10 lucky winners were selected randomly. Gifts and certificates will be given respectively. The other winners will be given certificates by the Muslim Majlis of UOP.

Quran Hifl Competition:

This competition consisted of 54 participants; 10 boys and 44 girls. Only UOP undergraduates participated. 30 verses from the Quran were selected and a verse was sent to the competitors each day through the WhatsApp Group and those verses were memorized by them. There were two categories of participants among them. They are Aalim or Aalimas and others. Hifl competition was held in person. Under two categories 5 students were selected as winners and certificates will be provided.

How to approach the Quran (Ramadhan Special WhatsApp Course):

This course was conducted by Ash-Sheikh A.C.Agar Mohammad (Naleemi), the Deputy Principal of Jamiya Naleemiah Institute, and the Deputy President of All Ceylon Jamiyyathul Ulama. This course consisted of undergraduates, graduates, academic and non-academic staffs of the state universities. 337 members participated for this course; 38 boys, and 299 girls. Among them 324 participants were from the University category while other 53 were from non-university category.Some of the topics covered in the course are Introduction to approach the Quran, Basic understandings of the Quran, Starting the relationship with the Quran, Explaining the Quran in terms of authentic hadhees, and Quranic and scientific explanation and so on. The audio clips of this course were shared via WhatsApp Groups for boys and girls separately. This course was successful to a greater extent. At the end of this course, an exam was held and the top 9 performers were selected as winners.

A survey was provided for the participants to get the feedback of the events conducted. They had complimented the Muslim Majlis of UoP saying that it considers all the Muslim undergraduates as their children and has guided them in this Ramadan effectively and that this Ramadhan package was open to other university undergraduates also. The simple questions in the quizzes really had given them motivation and enthusiasm to study the Holy Quran and it had been designed in the way that both Aalimas and non-Aalimas could approach. Also, punctuality and well organization of the program was considered one of the best features of this event by the participants. Moreover, this event has strengthened relationship with the Quran and the Tharjuma which has reached the objective of this package as a whole. 87% of participants have said in the survey that they like to attend the future event of the Muslim Majlis. Besides, Ash-Sheikh A.C.Agar Mohammad appreciated the Ramadan Package organized by the Muslim Majlis of UOP.